When God Guides Your Child

Stacking the clean dishes!

Reading through the story of Joseph in the Old Testament today, I can’t tell you how many times I came across this phrase, or one similar to it:

“The Lord was with Joseph, so he succeeded in everything he did.”

Over and over:

“The Lord was with him and caused everything he did to succeed.”

I’m not sure what methods Jacob applied to raising young Joseph, beyond loving him wildly and giving him a flashy outfit. Presumably, the main things he did were to believe in God’s promises to himself and his forefathers, walk in faith, and rest in God’s provision.

It was Jacob’s life that spoke to his son about the reality, power, and passion of God; the atmosphere of Jacob’s life invited his son to radically experience God in the day to day.

Even though Joseph’s brothers had intentions to harm him, God never left Joseph. God was guiding his entire journey (pits, bumps, prison and all) to bring him to a place, years later, of actually saving his brothers and their families from ruin, and ruling a nation.  Even though the enemy and the world has designs on our children, God’s loving purposes are stronger.

Our only ‘job’ is to let God loose in our family!  

We must release the reigns that we hold on to so tightly, that give us the illusion of safety, and seek instead to be a light to our children, one that illuminates who God really is, and who He has already made them to be.  A life like this may lead us to wild and unruly places, but we must follow if we are to taste the abundant life that He has prepared for us!  God did not fashion us for the unbearable constraints of cultural ‘normalcy’.  Like Joseph, He made us to influence nations.

When we live in this kind of audacious faith we set the wheels of faith into motion and bear fruit beyond our imagining! God will guide our children. God will provide the perfect circumstances, opportunities, and people connections in the perfect seasons of their lives to lead them into their remarkable destinies.

Setting children free like this comes with an exchange though; as mothers, we have to give up our fear, our anxieties, our preferred methods, and our culturally comfortable positions.

We must step out in faith, being absolutely assured that our Father – who promised to lead us and our children gently – will do just as He said, without all kinds of meddling help from us.

Trust Him, oh trust Him in this, the greatest work of our life! We can do this mighty thing from a place of rest as we seek His hand on the life of our children. He will be with our children, and they will succeed.

Do we really trust Him?  Does our faith stretch this far?

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