It’s okay to 'waste' the day.

Sometimes, that is exactly what is needed… a relaxed presence, a willingness to enter into a new day with no schedule, no resolutions, no goals, no meetings or agendas.

Sometimes, it’s best to stay home. And feed your family. And catch bugs with the babies, and build entrepreneurial visions with your big kids, and hang out with your hubby on the couch and dream and laugh while eating strawberries together late into the night.

It is a gift to notice the light shifting through the day, to sit with the children and be fully present, to let your heart swell with the rhythm of a good and gentle life.

What happened to this old way of slow living?

When did it turn into scheduled madness, and weighty comparisons, and perpetual age segregation, and the burden of picture perfect facades?

When did 'rush', and 'push', and 'force', and 'scramble' and 'busy' replace words like 'still', 'linger', 'mindful', 'together' and 'rest'?

No matter, we are here to carve a new path - a narrow one - through this seemingly raw and fearsome jungle.  

It’s okay to enjoy a season and not be strategic about it. Instead, enter into the flow of opportunity that presents itself even as you rest, and ease into the moments of joy that God delivers to your door each day, unplanned.

Watch and see what happens when you stop being 'proactive' for a while... God will show up.

Our hearts long for something subtler and more profound; our children too, desire it deeply.  God is willing to weave it for us.

It’s possible.

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