Two Roads

Every day, we begin at a fork in the road; we have a choice to make.

We may choose to follow the worn trail, the one that is wide and lures with it’s ease of use and smiling travelers to keep us company. The cheery promise of steady moving traffic tends to provide a bit of a boost when we’re already starting off tired... sometimes the flow just seems so organized and reliable. That many people can’t be wrong, can they?

Alternatively, there is a narrow trail that disappears quickly from view. It does not look manicured, in fact, it looks... precarious. It’s hard to tell if it’s leading up to a mountain or down into a valley. There appear to be puddles, pebbles and a good number of rogue branches in the way. One thing is sure, this path is definitely not good for the shoes.

When it comes to assessing our own pilgrimage, our trek through the only time we ever truly have (this day), it’s imperative to understand that we always have a choice to brave the narrow path.

God is not tame; He is not committed to remaining in our boxes, our schedules, or our to-do lists; He doesn’t mind blasting through our blind spots, or stretching our comfort zones; and He doesn’t operate within the mainstream chorus of, “Well, everybody knows that...”

This day He is doing a new thing.

And He is calling you out, with a whisper, to come find His dream for you (which is mightier than any dream you ever had for yourself).

Don’t be surprised if He leads you to a place that looks totally different from the experience of anyone else.

This is exactly where He wants you to be. He is expressing His Glory through you in a new and unique way, because that is who He is: ever increasing and creative and alive. He is wooing you onto the trail of apparent risk (the Kingdom reality).

Take the winding trail; it leads to life. Just wait and see... it’s going to be amazing!

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