The Rocking Chair

One day, you will be old.

Soft lines will frame your eyes like maps of laughter-love recorded from the over the years; you will be wise and full of stories.

When you are crowned with silver, and pondering in your chair over a weathered family photo album, your hands will linger on the page and you will look back on the twenty-odd years you spent raising your children and wonder if it was all just a dream.

A couple of decades out of, say, 80 or 90 years is such a small sliver of the whole. And yet, what magnificent riches came from that time spent sowing the seeds of life on your knees.

Knee deep in mud at times, you persevered; when the rains came you lifted your face towards Heaven and let it wash you clean alongside your tears.

Your knees often hurt, as you bent in prayer over your garden; dirt got under your nails and you didn’t always look pretty.

There were nights you covered your seedlings from the frost and days you never stopped wrenching out the weeds.

You were tired.

You were spent.

For 7300 days you gave everything you had.

But then one day, it was over.

The fruit appeared and was tenderly plucked from your garden by the Master Gardener who aimed to scatter that new seed into the world, a world waiting and hungry for the work of your hands!

…Mothers, what glorious fruit comes from the focused labor of a fleeting 20 years! Yet, those two decades are mere dust in the expanse of eternity. Within those millions of moments were packed enough hopes and blessings and memories and laughter and promise to change the shape of eternity forever for your children and those they bless in their lifetime. The ripple effect is impossible to estimate on this side of Heaven.

You are shaping the world, here, today, as you till the soil and endure the heat.

This small time is shaping you for the things to come; this is just the beginning of your story!

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