The Blessing is Hidden in the Courage

Let this day be your full realitylet the power of this moment penetrate the attention of your heart.

Untangle from the race of expectations, anxieties, and fears that drive the MainStage reality surrounding you, and step into the timeless space of here/now.

Like the Titanic – unwittingly peeling towards icebergs in the mist – our preoccupation with future destinations often prevents us from being aware in the moment, the one we are breathing right now – the only life we actually ever have.

Un-board the ship.

Just. Jump.

Settle into life and all it’s vigorous intensity.  Resolve to find the beauty in all of it, even while determining to follow the trail of promise that often remains so hidden under lies; there is tension between rest now and the pursuit of promise.  However, as you begin to embrace the tension (rather than resist it), you will find more of everything your heart is longing for.

Step away from the world’s way of doing things; don’t settle for the same old grooves that you’ve grown up in… a new world awaits you that cannot be reached by the old trails.  Every time a question arises in your mind, work with it, don’t shove it away:

{Why is this the way it is?  Why do I do this every day?  Is there another way?}

In every way that you can embrace courage on this course, you will be refilled double for your tenacity.

The blessing is hidden in the courage; the courage is hidden in your heart, inside the presence of God.

Cultivate a rhythm of life that flows with the joy and delight of being present in God’s Spirit here and now.  Leave ample time for the rhythms of grace to woo you and teach you.  Lay idle at times, reflect, let the children be bored, lay down the maps of your worldly plans, and just be awhile.  Be together with your spouse, with your children more than you ever thought you could be.  Take more time-off from the grid, risk everything once-in-a-while, dump your reputation at the alter of humility and try something bold.  Move in your inspiration, drop the “shoulds” from your vocabulary. Entertain possibilities that scare you.  Run out in the snow with your bare feet.  Laugh at the days to come, and get away from every method or strategy that promises anything less than the Kingdom of God.

The Kingdom of God is within you.  {If all we did was meditate on this mystery for a year in would not be wasted time; we would be unrecognizable to our current selves.  Come, enter in!}

Today, it is time to be alive!

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