Slow Family

The slow food movement is a response to the speed and disconnect of fast food.

Slow food is about the art of enjoying local, intentional, hand made food at a leisurely pace; it’s about relationship as much as the taste on the tongue, it’s about savouring and being in the moment.

There’s something about having a passel of kids that just forces life to slow down. Having a brood that fills a van means you rarely have a pass to a cruise control life in this culture. A pace that is wearing everyone out anyway.

All of a sudden, we don’t fit… anywhere.

This is where creativity is born.

The limits, the slow speed at which we operate, the odd shape of our collective presence (whether size or just plan weirdness!), actually necessitates inventiveness and ingenuity. When we see this, we find an incredible gift.

We are not victims, as we trundle along with these arms full of blessing, we are set free in another dimension, to savour, to rest, to truly taste life together.
… to see what Father brings.

When we wait for Him to spread the table, we will never be disappointed; taste and see!

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