Does your soul ever snag on the badgering thought that maybe there’s more?

Even in the midst of the whirlwind of a good life, great friendships, meaningful spirituality, and purposeful momentum, you collide in your deepest, most honest moments with a restless shadow that will not let you be?

{And, I’m not talking about a demon.}

I’m suggesting an honest, genuine soul-wrestle that remains unsatisfied by the incongruity of this current reality and the ache in your heart for heaven, for a place of pure rest, and real peace, that you know in your gut shouldn’t just be for when you die?

The mental plane can get so cluttered with the useless repetition of old narratives, replaying of conversations gone wrong, and scattered strategies to set things right. We allow our minds to drag our thought life through the mud of perpetual inner conflict and fear, in an effort to iron out this pesky soul-feeling, somehow assuming that this will release us into the joy we crave.

We can apply our will, too, to this exercise in attempting greater relief - by trying something new, or doing more stuff, or following these ‘three easy steps’, or getting deeper into a religious practice, or colour-coding our sock drawer.

But these things rarely draw us into the restful soul-space that feeds the life of faith and the reality of deep hope that is our true and genuine inheritance.

“Ask yourself: How many times a day, normally, does my thought even touch upon such words/ideas as ‘loveliness, beauty, ecstasy, joy,’ the ‘extravagant importance’ of ‘every living thing’ and so on? Most of us, I think would find that such qualities, values, and images rarely register in the midst of the repetitive thought and fantasy patterns with which our minds are normally filled.

Consciousness is where God is; God’s kingdom is a consciousness kingdom. Allowing our thinking to be fogged up with images from the ‘sea of mental garbage’ makes no sense. A devoted Christian friend recently confessed her anger at the fact that God reveals Himself so rarely, when our need for His revelations is so great. But God’s revelation is continuous. What is rare is an ability and willingness to look beyond the captivating, self-centred dramas of personal sense. We must honour quality Life or we will not see it. We honour it by loving to to notice the good that is already in our experience and by longing to see more evidence of its presence.” - Ann Tremaine Linthorst

A piece of the path to the freedom we crave is through cultivating our awareness.  It is establishing what is good and pure and beautiful in our hearts and in our minds, and engaging an entire transformation of where we lend our mental energies.

Noticing beauty, becoming aware of the pulse of the Divine heart of God within the life of every person, seeing the finger of God in all of creation... this begins to crack open the door to that place that we hunger for, that place we know is possible.

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    I love the art work you placed at the top of your post.

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      Thanks so much, Arlene!

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