People Who See

The world is hungry for new expressions of love, beauty and hope.

The same old grids of man-made traditions are nice in their way, but they stifle the inherent need of people to grow, expand, and become more.

We straddle the predicament of holding on to the forms that work (including Godly boundaries for our safety), and remaining flexible in the face of change and opportunity.  Most of the current institutions of our time constrain genuine creativity and limit imaginative scope; there is something inherent in the very nature of an institutionalized form that breeds control rather than creativity.

Yet, the world needs people who see – who move without fear into a future not yet written – who are committed to a greater vision, and are willing to try new things and apply a generous application of hope to the future. The world does not need more editors, dream-killers, or ‘managers’; the world needs vision, Kingdom perspective, and God-believers.

The world touts a form of religiosity that is absolutely pock-marked with unbelief. In some ways it is understandable that the secular world has lost its imagination, often sinking in mires of debauchery and doom; but earnest, powerless religiosity has killed just as many dreams. The weary negativism and cautious practicality of unbelieving ‘believers’ has shut down much vision.

Why meddle in unbelief, when we can run out into the wide open expanse of God’s Kingdom that is alive and well, here and now? Art and creativity themselves are a means of living in faith! It is essential that we embrace this aspect of the journey with a no-holds-barred attitude with our children. As they develop in this atmosphere, they will shine radically; in a culture that is largely conformist and uniform, they will lead.

God still believes in miracles. In fact, it is His desire that our lives be riddled with the miraculous every day. He is actively showing Himself strong to those whose hearts are loyal to Him in childlike faith. God is waiting for us to choose unqualified belief, radical faith, and make an expansive commitment to take risks in the face of potentially colossal worldly failure. This can, at times, require a little more imagination than we have been used to. But, as the Creator’s offspring, I think we’re up for the challenge.

This world needs light, connection, and beauty that are birthed by divinely-inspired life-art and creativity. Like a stunning constellation in the night sky, I believe that one-by-one, as hearts come alive with vision, hope for life and the future will be restored, and we can taste a piece of Heaven, even here on earth.

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