Instead of asking yourself what you want to do or accomplish this new year, try asking instead, "How do you want to feel?"

How do you want to feel in 2019?

Imagine you were doing and experiencing your dreams this year.  Really take some time to create some pictures in your mind about what that would look like and then play with what would it feel like if they were already happening now.

The trick is to live out your feeling of freedom, joy, gratitude, adventure, provision, and health (or whatever) as though you already possess these things now.  As you practice rolling these feelings through your heart your surroundings line up with the frequency of faith that you are emanating and the world begins to fall in place around you, your mountain moves and the water firms up under your feet.

When we live from our centre - from the truth of our being - knowing we have all things as children of God, literally everything becomes possible.

However, if we allow our feelings to constantly brood, complain, judge, waver, doubt and despair then we set a frequency that simply introduces more things brood over.

Like magnets, our hearts attract the feelings that they meditate on.

Meditation is simply invitation.  Whatever feelings your heart marinates in will deliver more of the same.

What will you feast on in the coming year?  What miracles are waiting for you to change the dial and set a new frequency of hope and delight?

Check the dial of your heart, try changing the channel and find a surprising new world awaiting you just around the corner!

Happy New Year!

All In

Ahead of you lies x amount of days before you cross the thin space into the lighter side of infinity.  

Between now and then, you are the captain of your vessel navigating this earthbound voyage.  Will you navigate a dingy through a muddy creek, a barge through a crowded port, a speedboat racing through a competition, or a sailboat on the open sea in search of new lands?

I want to invite you to sail the wide open, undiscovered sea. 

Awaiting you are lands of possibility, freedom and potential beyond your wildest imaginings.

But, you must leave port.

You cannot stay cozy to the world as it is, to the familiar forms and rituals of a people enslaved to hierarchies, best practices, and ‘common sense’.  What is, has been good enough until now, but new lands are beckoning!  Do not stall out in the land of cosmetic touch-ups, acquisition of things, Netflix, business hustle, busy calendars, recycled holiday traditions, and stressed out relationships.

What is touted as security is actually chains.  Degrees, diplomas, status, income, institutional dependance, and status quo applause are the golden handcuffs that are blocking you from the innovations and inventions that are waiting on the other side of fear, discomfort, and impossibility.

You must gaze out to the horizon and know that there is more for you.

A safe life is not for you.  

You can live radically, wildly free and at the same time engaged and content in your moments.  The difference is that a safe life requires no imagination, holds no tension, requires no courage: delivers no growth.

You were made for courage.  The path of risk is the doorway to your freedom and your joy.  

Stop looking to the side, stop looking behind; simply nurture the knowing that a promised land is yours for the taking.  

Do you think you are here to breathe, get by, make it to the weekend, drift under the radar and pass some cosmic test?  Wake up to your bold and delicious life!  Cast off all that would tame your courage and find a tomorrow filled with new life! 

Everything has not already been done, discovered, invented, and innovated.  That’s why you are here, to change the game and rewrite the charts.

Just do it; just be all in.

The future is waiting with baited breath for you!!

Learning (Again!)

I've been having a lot of fun learning how to create videos, lately.  I'm fascinated by story and how EVERY person's story is powerful and significant in the scheme of Eternity.

I am playing around with how to tell stories, how to share pieces of awareness and experience through the camera.  It's a challenge!  Mixing technology with vision is a complicated process for me.

For all the learning, it's amazing how the outcome can still be so weak for so long... it seems our hands need more time to work out what our mind has grasped for a while.  Ah well, I'm so very enjoying sharing bits of our story on Youtube.

I'm fascinated by this learning process, because this is how I see my children learning as well: one fumbling step at a time, but willing to be exposed in the process.  Children are so brave this way.  I, however, often hang back creatively, for fear of failure.  Now, I'm understanding that it's in the very act of *putting yourself out there* that forces massive growth that nothing else does.

How are you putting yourself out there creatively?  Where are you stretching?

Finding Yourself

“Finding” ourselves can be a loaded initiative.  For many mothers swimming in laundry, stepping on squished cheese curds, and trying to stay sane with cleaning up endless Lego, thinking about our deeper self can feel a bit painful… almost stinging, as we already feel buried under the messy stuff of life.  

Unearthing our greater purpose can almost be guilt-inducing, because "What if I’m nowhere near being able to achieve it?"  One more thing to fail at.

But what if you had one core purpose that was so simple, it would actually free you?  What if it was as easy as resting in the Goodness already present inside of you?  

What if your primary purpose in life was to be a Beneficial Presence?

As you live your love aloud, as you let the God-given goodness in your heart activate your present moment, you will draw the beauty and goodness out of your family.  Instead of being failure-conscious, you will be God-conscious.  As you direct your attention to what is good, you will find goodness everywhere you look.

You are here to be a beneficial presence in the lives of your husband and children, and so many others!  This can have many flexible expressions, but as you live quietly attentive to the Goodness of God, you will invite more of this joy into your life.

This does not required that you do anything!  No need to talk more, teach more, train more, drill more, discipline more, try more... no, that is the beauty of it.  You only need to be alive to love in your awareness.

You’re already benefitting your family by how you serve them in their physical needs.  Now, lean in to the Sanctuary of your own heart and discover the Beneficial Presence of God in you.  As you grow in the awareness of this power inside of you, it will spill out of your own life in a hundred different ways.  You will see differently, and through your observation you will change what seems to be.

Spiritual Motherhood

I've started a youtube channel called Spiritual Motherhood.

I love watching other families grow, I love the power of story, I love the beauty of life shared.  I thought I'd reflect on the spiritual side of motherhood, as opposed to the "how to".



In grappling with this immense universe, in approaching the infinity of God, in evaluating the wrinkles of this reality, I have hatched many a hair-brained theory as to why this or that is the way it is.  Ideas, both profound and ridiculous have flowed from my mind and mouth, and my husband has casually shouldered every single thought.  He has never met my musings with judgement, or push-back, or aggressive proving-otherwise.  He listens.  And then he plays with the idea and discusses it, but he never pounces on me for being a fool, for being a weirdo, for having too great an imagination.  He is never threatened; he doesn’t shut me down.

This is probably one of the things I love about him the most.  He is willing to play with the grand cosmic puzzle and enjoy the process along with me, without stuffing doctrine, or law, or “common sense”, or “because, that’s the way it is”, or “that’s not my experience” down my throat.

As often happens on my birthday, I was reflecting about my life yesterday, and noting this strange tension I feel between desiring to all out disappear and hide out with my little tribe living a joy-full, obscure life, versus shouting out my thoughts and ideas to see if there is anyone else out there who wants to travel the questions with me. 

I realize how insecure I feel to communicate about things below the surface.  Looking at my life thus far, I wish I was braver, but there’s no sense on focusing on who I have been, only on who I’m becoming.  So, braver it shall be!  Though I think there are great gifts found in living quietly and off-the-beaten-path, I don’t believe that muting our voices out of fear is God’s desire.  Ah, so once again, I must embrace tension and courage if I am to live alive.

The *magic* that has grown between Ben and I as we have explored the sublime to the gritty to the nutty, is indescribable.  It is as if new worlds are opening up to us as we stare deeply down into our darkest questions and deepest wonderings.  It’s as if these musings have telescoped us into a deeper reality of goodness and richness, that we never tasted when we lived on the surface of things.  

This reality only shouts at us in a million ways to “look beyond”.  All is not what it seems… there is so much more.