On The Way

I feel like the life we lead requires a new term, a tidy new label.

We used to "homeschool", then our slide from all the formalities delivered us into spaces usually labelled: "Life learning", "Unschooling", and "Delight-Directed Education", etc. However, these all fall short of the way we encounter the world and have chosen to live within it.  Now, we are living in the present, alive to all it's contour, beauty and possibilities; exchanging systematic plans aimed at a hypothetical future, for the joy of living life freshly alive to all the miracles and motion of *this* day.

Ultimately, I realize that labels are unhelpful as they begin to constrict over time anyway, and so I shall have to be content with the fact that we are simply on The Way.

We are learning to live from rest, to live from the absolute assurance that everything we need is supplied by the God who loves us.

This takes the chase out of education.  Bye, bye, panic, anxiety, hoops that wanted jumping through.

Education is now: life lived together.  It is God directing our steps and shining light on the path before us, prompting and guiding along the way.

This living-from-rest, this peaceful home-life, is dynamic and vital, pulsing with joy and grit and trust.  We practice the presence of God even as we eat, bake, sing, garden, vacuum, read, talk, laugh, dance, clean, run, work, organize, draw, create, enjoy, and revel in life together.

There is nothing schoolish about our life anymore.  I don't even pursue "teachable moments" in a casual, off-the-cuff way.  It is like life in the good old-fashioned days before institutional tentacles strangled an entire culture and multiple generations, brainwashing humanity to think that we could only succeed if we followed their plan, swallowed their agendas, and earned their gold stars.

Freedom is a different language, a different reality.  And really, it is very silly of me to think that I could tie it up neatly with some kind of label.

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