Mary Walked

Mary wasn’t made of porcelain; she didn’t have glossy blue eyes and airbrushed cheeks.

She didn’t pose for paintings or use hair curlers. I do not believe that she glowed.

In spite of being pregnant out-of-wedlock at a time when people were stoned for less, she praised God for the ‘burden’ of His favour. The faith in her heart submitted her body to be a vessel for God’s higher purposes: the cosmic rescue plan of mankind. By faith, she was empowered by God to carry out her mission on this earth, though it included no creature comforts.

She and her betrothed likely risked bandits, discomfort and other travel adversities as they trundled towards Bethlehem at their own expense and the whim of their tyrannical government. Upon arrival, they couldn’t even find lodging in a cheap motel, so she gave birth to her baby amid the stench of animals and their feces, on the floor of a barn.

This was likely not her ideal birth scenario.

This young, postpartum girl and little Jesus then had to follow Joseph as they ran to safety in Egypt for a time. They were refugees, far from family, friends, support, encouragement or the warmth of a familiar environment. They were alone.

Yet, not alone.

All of Heaven was on guard, and was breathing deep the inhale of barely containable expectation, as they watched the rescue plan of the ages finally unfolding within the structure of time.

And God was there. Always.

He never left that little, lonely, obedient family. Never once. His hand was upon them every moment.

God will call us to difficult, heroic, remarkable things that will look stupid, messy, and unwise to the world around us. When we enter into His call with a heart of faith, ready to glorify Him in the midst of the ugly messes of raw life, we show the world a better Kingdom, a greater love and a more profound freedom than will ever be contrived by Hollywood.

You are a critical part of the story that God is telling on the earth at this time!  You may feel weak, poor, lonely, or overwhelmed, but you are not alone.  You are inhabited by the very God that set the stars on their course, who parted the Red Sea and who, this very day, is calling you into deeper realms of His power and love.

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