Making Home

Many desire to make money,
Tease out a strategy,
Shape up a plan,
Build an empire.

But, who will make a home?

Who will carve out a
Place for the heart,
To rest secure
From a glutted world?

It is possible to shine,
To build facades of glitter,
Page after page,
Post after post of posing.

But, who will kneel for the child?

Who will lend their body
To the making of a life,
To find there a place to exchange
one’s own for something more?

The Grind suggests that constant
Effort, strain, pressure, and force
Are the only ways to gain traction
In ways that matter.

But, who will rest in the moment?

Who will learn to abide
And be a dwelling for others
To touch the mundane that is
Guilded with all that is Divine?

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