In the heat of intense fire, instead of resisting, we can choose rest.

In the face of problems, all my striving and trying to figure out a solution using my own puny mental capacities or the rantings of ‘experts’ only tends to dig me into deeper confusion and frustration… which then, tends to magnify the problem.

When I resist the temptation to find the “three easy steps” or the rosetta stone that will release my solution I am pushing back against the human impulse that demands the instant, easy way: the veneer of success shaded in terms of “seven ways to success…” or “just take this pill…”

Essentially, obstacles (problems) are an invitation at the very least, to pause. We’re messing up so much anyway, could a little break be out of order?

What if we considered problems a red flag to remind us to refocus on God?

Rather than obsessing about the flag itself, we have the opportunity to call out to our Abba-Daddy and see Him work on our behalf. When we come to the place where we recognize that we are completely incapable of ‘solutioning’ our way out of this mess, we can finally rest in the fact that God has already made a way out.

He always establishes provision in the face of our problems; He never leaves us stranded.  We just don’t tend to trust Him with our big issues (and that’s our real problem).

In order to step into a place of trust, we first have to step away from magnifying the problem, into a place of worshipfully magnifying God. When I get my eyes off of myself and unto Him – He who is the very essence of scandalous love and ridiculous generosity – I get grounded in the safety of who He is.

Whatever we focus on becomes magnified, so taking my eyes off of the problem releases me from the sting of it’s power. Though all my physical senses may tell me one thing, I have to override their influence by focusing on the the truth of God’s Word that in Christ I am more than a conqueror.

Satan loves to preoccupy us by way of our senses and feelings. Our senses are not bad, they are just easily fooled if they are not brought under submission to the Truth: if God is for us, who can be against us?

When we live in the place of trust, of absolute faith that the solution is at hand (even though it may not suit our preferred timeline and may look different than we expected) we have essentially activated the power of hope in our lives. And our Hope never disappoints. In that place of rest – of release – of giving up on sorting it all out, I find His hands at work on my behalf and I am always overwhelmed by the results.  He always does it better.

However, I think we often miss out on this, because we are so bent on finding the solution to our problems on our own, and we niftily pack those easy-bake solutions into a timeframe that suits us, rather than waiting on the fulness of His timing to deliver us perfectly.

Solving our own problems through striving is a subtle expression of unbelief; it also robs us of miracles that are a part of our inheritance.

What would it look like to live in a perpetual state of hope?

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