Little Spider Wisdom

Last night, some of the children were watching the movie Charlotte’s Web in the family room, while I prepared dinner in the kitchen nearby.

I was fairly tuned out to the action of the movie though I knew it was nearing the end, when all of a sudden, I heard Wilbur the pig ask the dying spider Charlotte about the large white sack by her web.

She paused, and said, “It’s my Magnum Opus.”

Wilbur did not comprehend either her dying or her words.

“It’s my Great Work, Wilbur”, she explained.

In spite of all the ‘miracles’ she had woven into her web over the course of the story, her greatest work was to be that little bundle of offspring she would leave behind.

All of a sudden, I found myself in a puddle of tears. {It might have been the swelling orchestral enhancement that sparked my emotion, but I suspect it was more.}

Of all the things we do, even the very mighty things in this life, our children are our Magnum Opus.  This motherhood commission is the ultimate art where life spills out in abundance and changes the course of history.

Engage, be brave – this is the work you were created for!  

Endure and do not give up… the beauty that is rising in your children is beyond your comprehension at this moment... the earth is waiting for the sons and daughters of God to arise!  You were made to participate in this awakening, now open your eyes and live in the expectation that your dreams for your children have been too small in the light of Heaven.

Lift your eyes from the mess, the weariness, the isolation, the questions, and know… you are creating a masterpiece, a work born in the heart of God.  

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