Light of the World

Today, we celebrate the Light of the world.

The good news is not just that Jesus came way back then, but that God is with us now!  God is in us! 

His power has pierced our darkness.

In this present moment, we have the opportunity to look into each other's eyes and see there the Light of Love shining forth; each person, each child is a facet of God's glory on the earth, not to be missed, but to be seen.

Look at your people today, and see them: see the Light of God inside of them, and revel in the abundance of so much beauty, so much love, so much power in your midst.  This is where the joy is to be found: it is when we still our minds from the incessant noise and simply rest in thankfulness for what is right in our midst.

Let's dwell there longer together... this will change the world.  

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