Learning To Be Dangerous

It’s no longer time for safe.

All these hemmed-in little grooves we’ve worked to hard to comply with for decades, have proven only one thing: safety is an illusion.

Is the greater loss to look back on a life that was tamed by fear and compliance, or to have dreamed too expansively and failed?

Come, rise up!

Away with the fear, the excuses, the cares about what others think, the waffling over outcomes that aren’t guaranteed, and be who you were made to be. Set this world on fire through the sparking of your own holy heart.

There is not time for quantifying life as if it were some sack of potatoes to be weighed in the end.

This is you.

This is the glorious you that originated in the Divine heart of God before time began, the very you He desired to paint into this mighty hologram to beautify and shift and uplift the whole story.

We are not here to measure potatoes.  We are here to seed the Divine, to sow love from our hearts, to bravely follow the upside-down wisdom of an out-of-the-box God.

The scroll of your life is filled with wilder and more extravagant freedom that you have dared to imagine.

“…in Your book were all written
The days that were ordained for me,
When as yet there was not one of them.”
(Ps. 139:16)

Don’t learn for the test; don’t jump through the hoop; don’t polish yourself for someone else’s dream.

It’s time to wrestle with giants, take leaps, walk on water, and find yourself lost at sea with the bliss of only Jesus steering you now.

Go, be dangerous.

The world is waiting for you.

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