Books and Brain Cells

I’ve been on and off writing a book about the Creative Kingdom Home for over a year now.  I say “on and off” but that mostly means “off” except when I’m plowing through the deep dark night alone with the computer in those moments when I’m under a cute little delusion that I might actually be able to pull this thing off.

Mainly, this hypothetical-book illustrates a perspective that considers that Kingdom-minded Creativity is one of the essential ingredients of the world-changing-home, and thus a valuable topic for mothers to consider and engage in as they establish homes and families.

I’ve got huge chunks of the book written; most of it really.  However, I’ve learned that chunks of writing are not that valuable unless they are woven somewhat seamlessly together into a larger, readable whole.  And, I confess, writing anything long and cohesive and relatively seamless is not a skill that comes easily in this season.  Running a couple of uninterrupted thoughts together for the grocery list is about as radical as it gets in my head space these days, much less committing anything to paper.

At any rate, as I’ve been mulling over this creative process, I’m getting so motivated to keep living the creative stuff that I’m squeezing out any time to record it.  I’m not sure what to do about this yet, but I thought that in the meantime, I might slide some of my chunks of writing into this space, to share in the way that better seems to suit the reality of my busy-blessed life at the moment.

So, I invite you to join me on the Kingdom-Creative Series; a discussion about mothers, creativity and vision… right where we live.

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