It’s Time

“We stand fully identified in the new creation renewed in knowledge according to the pattern of the exact image of our creator.” -Colossians 3:10

A shift is occurring.

The hearts of fathers are being turned towards their children; their arms too, are opening to the children that Heavenly Father desires to give them.

Family: the heart of God made manifest.

A new breed of families are being born… those who have an abundance mindset when it comes to children; those who reject the spirit of religion in exchange for intimacy with Jesus; those abandoning the tame two-dimensional sit-com narratives where family life is all about ‘me’, instead running with the Spirit; those unwilling to settle with the lies of a system bent on promoting a matrix of fear and alienation from the Father.

A radical new joy is emerging where union with God is all there is.

Families set free, bodies healed, miracles abounding… The Kingdom of God is here, in our midst.

And if, for a moment, you should think, “It’s too late, I missed the boat.” Be assured, you are a part of the plan that comes straight from the heart of God. It’s time to put on your faith and jump with abandon into the loving arms of a wildly wonderful Father who is weaving together the ultimate supernatural family: His own.

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