It’s Not About the Vegetables

I have this working theory, when engaging with young teens.

It’s almost as if there are two kinds of self-directed learners… “snackers” and “feasters”.

The “snackers” mostly nibble; trying a little thing here, a little thing there. They are quite content not to delve deep into subjects preferring to get a taste of every dish at the table and the “essence” of what’s available. They’ll choose later what they will fill their plate with.

The “feasters” go deep. They are the one that makes a parent feel good because they go so deep into what they’re interested in… but half the time they are only interested in two things! (Can you really build a life on a deep interest of Pickle Ball and Puff Pastry?!) They’ll choose later to round out their meal.

The trick for the parent is to delight in the benefits of each child’s natural ‘eating’ inclinations, and NOT panic.

The Lord has set the table for them; He will also give them the appropriate appetite in season!

A panicking parent, force-feeding their child asparagus is missing the point.

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