Ice Castle

A slice here, a chunk falling off over there; the journey of life seems oddly random and mysteriously frustrating as we feel pieces falling apart and bear the scars of so much pain.

At times, upon taking a step back, and looking at our lives we can wonder: what is the point of all the mess? We analyze our frustrations, grieve over our wasted time, and speculate over how we could have been smarter sooner and side-stepped so many mistakes. We see the scars, the evidence of a life tangled between desire and confusion, and wonder: what could possibly come of this dented and scarred work?

But step back some more.

Then, turn on the lights.

In the dark, you couldn’t see the sculpture being formed in the Master’s hands, but now with lights on you can see the magnificent crystalline castle that He is creating in you.

At every stage of your life there was a chiseling, a whittling, a sanding, and a honing that was developing the masterpiece of you, in spite of your distraction, unwillingness to notice, or outright refusal to participate.

It felt dark, and cold, and lonely at times; it felt unbearable to lose pieces, to feel fragments fall away, to feel the firm cold steel of life chiseling you.

But through it all, you were being meticulously formed by the Master Artist, a piece of hidden art… nothing wasted.

All those rabbit trails, all the seemingly wasted hours, all the mistakes and missteps are miraculously redeemed in the Master Artist’s hands, every single one. When we begin to contemplate this magnificent work called redemption, we are set free to live from a place of rest.

See for yourself the remarkable work that you are: a habitation for the very God of the universe. You are a palace, a temple, and a dwelling place for the King of Kings: nothing you do or don’t do will prevent His love from working in and through you when you belong to Him.

You are like a magnificent ice castle that was mysteriously formed in the dark, that now glimmers with beauty in the light.

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