Home as Studio

Home is a studio of life.  It is in the space where we dwell that we get to determine how our surroundings will work for us to cultivate joy, possibility, fun, learning, and growth.

It is the place to develop hobbies, learn new skills, and stretch ourselves forward into our dreams.  Often this is done hand-in-hand with chaos; yes, creativity and mess are married.

The little ones spent a bright day this week collecting various ‘junk’ from the yard and lining it up on the picnic table.  They were making a little bakery.  Pinecone muffins, anyone?

The big boys were preparing fences and conquering coconuts today; nothing like power tools and food on the kitchen counter together.

The inevitable mess after a giant batch of granola was made and a huge jug of fresh juice was pressed…  I love that the kids know how to use (and clean up) the kitchen… oh my, it was a painful process to ‘let go’ of my kitchen expectations of perfection, but the benefits of this surrender are incredible.

People of the world, let the children into the kitchens!

Art.  Every.  Day.

I am hoping to finally make a willow tree ‘hut’ in the back yard this year.  I’m soaking these branches, hoping to root them a bit before sticking them into the earth.

My oldest daughter squirrels herself away in this room to sew, iron, bead, and craft while listening to audio books every day.  She is the master of the iron.

Here is the table where her sewing ventures explode on a regular basis; oh, this girl has a passion for fabric.  She is walking art, graceful and elegant.  She loves to turn her shrinking, old clothes into new creations.

But, she still plays with dolls.  Right under where I hang my husband’s shirts to be ironed.  I’m thinking of hiring her to do all the ironing.

It took time for me to be willing to exchange traditional household spaces for more studio-type work space.  But, as the children grow, I am delighted to see them making use of the creative spaces that are constantly evolving.  Home just comes alive when we use it this way; it’s just so very fun!

Where there is invitation, light, and the cheery bustle of love, creativity will abound.

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