All The Things

A drawing by nine-year-old Tucker

This morning we've had two children needing help on their stop-motion projects, one applied to an exciting aviation opportunity before working on his first quilt, one is doing an online search for a pet goat (for milk to make soap with), another is looking to purchase his first car, while one makes a slew of adorable little puppets on popsicle sticks.  Someone else is finishing up cleaning the breakfast dishes, while another sings (from memory) every single song from "The Greatest Showman" at top volume, and one is soaking cranberries in a cup of water(?), even as someone else vacuums up the popcorn beneath our feet from last night's movie night.

The life in this house is just barely containable!

The words "overflowing" and "abundance" come to mind.

We are dreaming, and working, and trouble-shooting all the live-long day and it is amazing.  We are seeing God provide just what is needed just in time for each one of us. 

There is no fear, no anxiety, no pressure, just an awesome sense that the future is exciting and we get to *rest* our way into it.  Could it be this easy?!

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