Fruit and How to Get It

The fruit that we most desire is on the other side of the jump that we are most afraid to make.

Fear will attempt to block us - every time - from the destiny and freedom that is our birthright.

It is literally the leap, the wildly abandoned launch into the unknown-but-hoped-for future - with no safety harness - that is the activation switch for our faith.

Religious practices don’t activate the fruit of faith; good disciplines and routines don’t either.

It’s the jump, the leap, the absolute trust that God is for us, that sets our life on fire.

When we feel that nervous shiver of possibility run through our flesh, followed by the dead-beat of fear that shuts down dreams singing a chorus over us, we've often discovered another piece of our future beckoning us.

We must shut down that fear-pulse in our mind that meditates on every "what if?" and wing our bodies into the dimension from where all life stems... the unseen.

We live from the inside out.  What we believe on the inside will produce on the outside.  If we believe we need to manage every risk and balance out every measure, we will reap the fruit of the flesh.  If we believe that God is good and that He is for us, we have greater capacity to jump (sometimes dragging our flesh behind us) because our heart is secure in the provision of our good Father.

Underlying it all, what does our heart believe about the Father?

We must push through the resistance, the fruit is just beyond our reach.  We can't access it in the natural, we need the forces of the Kingdom to activate our dreams, but that only happens when our feet leave solid ground.

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