Last night, I was lounging on my bed, reading. The kids were asleep, Ben was in our bathroom brushing his teeth, and the gentle whir of the dryer was humming next door.

All of a sudden Ben bolted out of the bathroom, like a cat with it’s tail on fire. He ran to the laundry room beside our bedroom and flung open the door.

This erratic movement totally alarmed me (still lying in bed). Ben, after all, is a very measured and mellow guy and rarely moves with such panicked agitation.

“OH NO!!” He gasped.

I got up to go see the problem; the laundry room floor was an inch under water.

The dryer continued to hum happily.

The scene wasn’t lining up.

Turns out, he had left the tap to the laundry sink running, in order to fill the sink. Then, he had walked away for a moment to check on something... but got distracted and started brushing his teeth.

This is totally uncharacteristic of Ben; he does not make those kinds of mistakes (unlike me). He was baffled that he forgot about it. Well, welcome to my world.

After we mopped up the floor and mopped up the living room floor below, where the water had waterfalled through the drywall ceiling, we wondered what that was all about.

My mind went digging… seems like there’s a metaphor to uncover in this, but what? I let it go, but shortly it came to me, like wave, straight from the Father.

“Ben! I know what this is showing us!” I gasped enthusiastically.

“Water is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. That sink represents us.  And even in spite our dumb behaviour (like leaving the tap running and walking away) God’s Spirit desires to overflow abundantly in our lives, even to the point of wrecking old structures (like our house!) to bring us to new places of trust and reliance on Him.”

Oh, how God loves to speak to His children! He loves to share His heart with us.

The impact of the experience only made the revelation of God’s goodness that much more concrete in our hearts, as we pondered the message.

In spite of what we do or don’t do, or don’t do well, none of it is a threat to God. His all-surpassing love is greater than any of our mistakes. In fact, He desires to overflow in us and through us despite appearances or our 'worthiness', in order to wreck the old structures we have built in our minds to ‘keep us safe’ and to keep life tidy and ‘manageable’.

God is not interested in our neatly ordered boxes of comfortable two-dimensional reality. He is allowing His Spirit to pour over the dying structures of this world, and the dying fortresses in our minds in order to establish new grids for exploring and understanding Him. The old patterns in our minds need to be transformed if we are to step into deeper experience of Him.

So, when you look around, and stuff looks wrecked, be of good cheer; this is a stepping stone to greater glory!

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