Finding Yourself

“Finding” ourselves can be a loaded initiative.  For many mothers swimming in laundry, stepping on squished cheese curds, and trying to stay sane with cleaning up endless Lego, thinking about our deeper self can feel a bit painful… almost stinging, as we already feel buried under the messy stuff of life.  

Unearthing our greater purpose can almost be guilt-inducing, because "What if I’m nowhere near being able to achieve it?"  One more thing to fail at.

But what if you had one core purpose that was so simple, it would actually free you?  What if it was as easy as resting in the Goodness already present inside of you?  

What if your primary purpose in life was to be a Beneficial Presence?

As you live your love aloud, as you let the God-given goodness in your heart activate your present moment, you will draw the beauty and goodness out of your family.  Instead of being failure-conscious, you will be God-conscious.  As you direct your attention to what is good, you will find goodness everywhere you look.

You are here to be a beneficial presence in the lives of your husband and children, and so many others!  This can have many flexible expressions, but as you live quietly attentive to the Goodness of God, you will invite more of this joy into your life.

This does not required that you do anything!  No need to talk more, teach more, train more, drill more, discipline more, try more... no, that is the beauty of it.  You only need to be alive to love in your awareness.

You’re already benefitting your family by how you serve them in their physical needs.  Now, lean in to the Sanctuary of your own heart and discover the Beneficial Presence of God in you.  As you grow in the awareness of this power inside of you, it will spill out of your own life in a hundred different ways.  You will see differently, and through your observation you will change what seems to be.

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