Instead of asking yourself what you want to do or accomplish this new year, try asking instead, "How do you want to feel?"

How do you want to feel in 2019?

Imagine you were doing and experiencing your dreams this year.  Really take some time to create some pictures in your mind about what that would look like and then play with what would it feel like if they were already happening now.

The trick is to live out your feeling of freedom, joy, gratitude, adventure, provision, and health (or whatever) as though you already possess these things now.  As you practice rolling these feelings through your heart your surroundings line up with the frequency of faith that you are emanating and the world begins to fall in place around you, your mountain moves and the water firms up under your feet.

When we live from our centre - from the truth of our being - knowing we have all things as children of God, literally everything becomes possible.

However, if we allow our feelings to constantly brood, complain, judge, waver, doubt and despair then we set a frequency that simply introduces more things brood over.

Like magnets, our hearts attract the feelings that they meditate on.

Meditation is simply invitation.  Whatever feelings your heart marinates in will deliver more of the same.

What will you feast on in the coming year?  What miracles are waiting for you to change the dial and set a new frequency of hope and delight?

Check the dial of your heart, try changing the channel and find a surprising new world awaiting you just around the corner!

Happy New Year!

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