My fourteen-year-old was condensing the content of a recent podcast he’d been listening to on the subject of quantum physics.

“Basically,” he said, “God has made every situation so that every imaginable outcome is possible. Where we put our agreement is what determines the outcome we experience.”

Right, I’m pretty sure that thought only occurred to me when I was… never.

It’s a profound thing to understand that our heart agreement – in other words, our faith – truly determines outcomes in our life. What we ‘see’ and ‘anticipate’ with the eyes of our heart (not our conscious mind, but the deep beliefs and assumptions of our heart) determines how our life will unfold.

God has given us rights as ‘co-authors’ of our life experience – this is profound!

It then occurred to me that many people choose not to ‘see’ outside of a schooled way of learning and living life. Even many homes-educators spend a lot of time correcting workbooks, grading, and structuring life to imitate the institution of school with the desire to set their children up for success.

Because people do not believe that another avenue towards life/vocational success is possible, they will only experience the path that their applied measure of faith produces, which is the schooled way of life. Necessarily, they would not experience success from a “life learning” or “unschooled” approach to life because they cannot ‘see’ it and thus activate it with their faith and agreement.

What we are not able to ‘see’, ‘agree’ with, and have the ‘faith’ to pull it into reality, we will not experience. 

Same goes for healing and ‘miracles’. If we don’t believe that healing is a part of God’s plan for His people now, we will not expect it and ‘agree’ in that direction, and our faith (our deepest heart beliefs) will not activate it…therefore, we will likely not experience it either.

The implications of this are huge.

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