It’s easy to see all the fragments of life that are lying about one’s feet, and feel defeated, feel the shame of wasted years, the burn of unresolved questions.

It’s easy to see the rips and tears of a life seemingly misspent – not necessarily wasted on sin, but on more benign things like dashed expectations, panicked choices, relationships that don’t jive at the same pace, dreams that never took shape, painful wounds from a heartless system, or one’s own clumsy approaches to survival.

This is were Solomon’s words ring out with abounding hope: It’s all meaningless.

But, how is that hopeful?

Because the stuff that matters, God’s heart for us, God’s purposes for our life cannot be thwarted by our mistakes.

The details and statistics of our lives are meaningless, in a sense.

Nothing about us disappoints the Father. Nothing about us has Him worried about us. No turn we took way-back-when can take us away from Him. He is on side and inside of us and He is rebuilding our own personal ancient ruins.

He has set our captive hearts free.

Now, we simply walk in it.

The trick is to go forward with Him. The moment we stop replaying the past, and current disappointments, is the moment we are free from their power.

Live free now. This is what faith is.

The enemy wants each of us to think that it’s all too late. He wants us to project our failures into the future. Not much greatness is going to come from me: I wrecked the plan, I broke the rules, I wasn’t good enough. I guess this is just my life.

But, this is agreeing with the matrix of lies.

Step out of and around it. Observe yourself having these thoughts and then tell yourself the truth… you are a child of God. He is delighted in you and has a brilliant plan for you and your entire family. Don’t let current optics in the natural cloud your vision.

This world measures everything with numbers and graphs, it’s all about outcomes experienced by the natural senses.

God is different, He delights in calling the wisdom of the world foolishness. He looks at the heart, and He is in love with yours.

An ocean of blessing is in your midst right now, but it is accessed through faith.

That means simply resting in everything that He ever promised you.

God is eager to take all of our tangles, all of our shattered pieces, all of our misspent years, and all of our confusion and perfect it into something more expansive and beautiful than we ever imagined. And it is faith that activates this process.

It’s not too late. In fact, wherever you find yourself in this very moment is the exact place He wants you to start the rest of your life.

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