It’s time to still the pace, the rush, the frantic movement that props up life as we’ve made it.

There is a lot behind our decision to move from our lovely large home, and country property, but a main piece is that we need peace.  We need a season of not mowing acres of grass, not cleaning a large house, not sustaining a mortgage, and not racing-to-nowhere, really.

We need stillness, time to meditate, time to play, to delight in the presence of each other, and too much busyness has been robbing us of this.  {Even very, very good things can be bad if they fill our space with too much pressure.}  

For a long time, we have ached to enter deeper into the things of the Father – to rest, to study, to pray, to wait on His voice in an expectant and renewed way.

But life!  It just seemed to rush forward at a “break-necking pace” (-Dr. Suess).

And something had to give.

We decided to keep the kids 😉 , so it was the house that had to go.

We are evacuating our previous way of life, in order to carve out a new one, forged by the water of the Spirit.  We hope to find something more akin to flow, to a holy effortlessness, to the whispers of the waves at sunset – together.

I’m excited to find myself again, under the layers of ‘shoulds’, and schedules, and the expectations of others that I have borne for so many decades; it is time to evacuate and find the still, small me inside of me, where Jesus sits and loves me there.

That secret garden is waiting.

The pace of North American life has lost its sheen, and pulling back to simple feels like a new kind of freedom.

Less big stuff to juggle means more husband-at-home, more time to make art, more time to play with these amazing children, and more time to be present in the moments that make up the sacredness of life.

No more rushing for someday.

Today, I choose life.

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  • Reply Sarah May 31, 2017 at 9:09 pm

    So exciting, Bonnie! This makes me think of one of my favorite passages, where Jesus is with Mary and Martha and cuts through all the “busy” saying “… only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better …” (Luke 10:42). May God deeply bless you in this new adventure.

    • Reply Bonnie May 31, 2017 at 9:50 pm

      Oh, I love this, Sarah! I’ve always longed to be like Mary, but have felt more like Martha for most of my years… may it be so! Thank you for blessing me with this 🙂

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