Eden Inside

There is a peace that passes all understanding.

It is not found on the plane of polarizing opposites that claw for ground daily on the religious, political, and cultural terrain before us. Our rage, fear, conviction, and guilt do nothing to move us into this greater freedom that Jesus spoke of.

There is a realm outside of the verbal and physical battles of this world that is solidly grounded in the soil of Eden where all power, all peace, and all love is perfectly expressed.

As I am learning to enter the sanctuary of rest within myself, I am finding a peace, a freedom, and a confidence that is the very nature of the Kingdom, entirely different from the “kingdom of this world”.

As I meditate on God’s omnipotence, at home inside of me, sustaining and upholding every cell, every pulse, a peace begins to emerge that is the seed of greater faith.

Something is stirring.

What was impossible through my mental might, concentrated will, zealous activism, religious intensity, and physical or spiritual disciplines has become possible as I have found a radical new kind of rest in God alone.

This is where radical provision is, where healing and wholeness, joy and safety are found, this is where eternal life is the ever present reality.

There is no fear in this place.  None.

And that changes everything.

There are layers and dimensions to this growing awareness that are changing my view of much that I've 'known', and I am amazed to be finding freedom in places where I didn’t even know I was in bondage.

Just beginning to explore Eden on the inside is turning my life upside down... in the best way possible! This has nothing to do with religious expression, tiresome doctrines, endless debates about what is right and what is wrong, whose church is better, or whose lifestyle is more sanctified; it has everything to do with freedom and life abundantly, in the power of God's Spirit that has called us His dwelling place!  

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