Death by a 1,000 Cuts

You are not here to slowly fade into some fog of dense flesh inevitably expanding into compounding disease, as though to live were to bide the time.

Is this a way to live: to sooth the pain of fear and isolation by numbing feelings and ignoring the persistent daily invitations to shake out of this grey haze?  If we lose sight of the magnificence of our being, life quickly becomes a sort of mental cacophony of persistent interruptions, petty chaoses, charged emotional exchanges, religious busyness, and entertaining diversions.

Not you!  You were made to press in, to find God's expression inside of you and unleash that passion out into the world every day, for as long as you breath.

Do your daily routines - those tired old grooves from bygone eras mixed with the incessant 'pings' of this current era - give you life?

Are you searching for the more by traveling, and owning, and reading, and reaching endlessly? Do you writhe in your restlessness like a little boat on the sea?   Are you at war with yourself?  Are you always making a strategy to get out of your current predicament, or to avoid future problems?

Do you feel alive when you are wrestling, when you are fighting the 'bad', when you are trouble-shooting?  You will feel more alive when you move past energizing your 'pain body' with it's 'common sense' and focus on everything that is wrong, and begin to feel the freshness of life lived from joy, expectation and risk.

The peace won't be found until you still yourself, for a very good long time.  Learn to distinguish signal from noise.  Get out of step with the blare of our time and just feel the feeling of being alive.  Remember the dreams you had when you were young?  Stop planning all the ways to win the 'game of life' and instead open yourself up to the risks that your heart is calling you to take; start playing with actually being alive!

Risk it.  Take the plunge.  Live your story with effervescent boldness!  Laugh at the days to come.  Get big and joyful and expectant about the life that is ahead of you.

It's the faith of leaping that will save you.

The rest of this consumptive, hustle, pain-numbing life is like a thousand little cuts that slowly bleed you out.

Yet, so often we hardly notice because the internet still works, and that's pretty fun too.

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  • Reply Julie Walter January 2, 2019 at 8:47 pm

    The last line made me laugh out loud (as I sit here reading your blog…HA!)
    Love this piece. Keep being amazing <3

    • Reply Bonnie January 6, 2019 at 12:32 pm

      Ya!! Irony is everywhere!

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