New Year's day enveloped me in a euphoria that was energizing and slow to dissipate.  (I'm going to consider it my new normal and roll with it!)

I had realized a couple of days before that I needed to unclog my mind and my body and so was excited and ready to dump my social media (perhaps for a while, perhaps for forever) and eat clean.

For the first time a concerted season of eating clean was not a knee jerk response to a bodily condition I was aiming to remedy or a physical vanity project I was desiring to engage, but an all out desire to gain clarity in my heart and mind.  Which, interestingly, has made my cleanse and clean eating very emotionally simple!

I'd gotten so used to the fog of little treats here and there, and social media dopamine hits - this pestilent cocktail that seems so innocuous in the moment, but slays you in the end - that I'd forgotten what clarity and focus are.

And now I'm feeling it.  Like a rush: there's so much discovery going on my mind can hardly keep up with itself! I'm energized and awake and alive... and life is showing up in colour, because the deeper things are revealing themselves at a rapid pace.

Clarity, as a goal, is a new concept for me and I am eager to continue to see where this takes me!

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