A Place Called Home

Imagine an island where school had never been heard of before, and families live life together within the natural flow of work, interests, passions, and relationships, all the while manifesting joy and purpose as needs and dreams intersect authentically.

Imagine a place where adults listen deeply to children, and children are guided by adults down interesting paths, through mighty dreams, and into big ideas, while exposed to practical life skills, and the deep issues of the heart.

Imagine if there was just ‘life’; simply the reality of living together in the midst of daily discipleship, learning, and work - the rhythms of daily reality naturally and beautifully intertwined - reading, working, singing, laughing, conversation, writing, building, making food together, managing the home, honing skills, trying stuff, failing, trying again.

Home can be a place where the compass of each heart is honoured without measuring, quantifying, or qualifying each other’s efforts, or pressing those little hearts through cookie-cutter-grids so they match the neighbours.  Our eyes are not on outcomes, but are firmly planted in the present: today, it is enough to live with my child and be, and learn, and grow, and work, and love, and laugh.

There need not be academic check lists, rigid pressure systems, and giant tomes of knowledge engaged to coerce select family members into some culturally valued rank or position; there need not be fear-induced panics about hypothetical future successes (or lack of); there need not be a commitment to some strategic ramp-up to adulthood that bypasses the texture and intimacy of a live lived in the wild spaces of grace found outside of world-systems.

Another way is possible: a reality without school, without it's tiresome residue clogging the veins of an already pulsing and vibrant life.

There is a seed of radical new life that is waiting under the soil of every family home: and that seed is called freedom. When freedom is watered and nurtured, new possibilities are born that could never compute in the old paradigms of this tired material world.

In freedom's home, the father and the mother engage in good, meaningful and passion-driven pursuits, even as they engage with, and equip their children in their own God-given delights and purpose.

Learning who God made each person to be is the divine art and privilege of the family home.  

As we dwell together and clear space for each other, our visibility increases, our vision clarifies, and our souls taste a different kind of life.

It is a life where simply being is enough.  {No proving, no hoops, no tests, no forced curriculum.}

We learn stillness, and strength, and contour, and risk - all within the sacred rituals of life together.  This is how to build a human, this is how to launch a life. 

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