All In

Ahead of you lies x amount of days before you cross the thin space into the lighter side of infinity.  

Between now and then, you are the captain of your vessel navigating this earthbound voyage.  Will you navigate a dingy through a muddy creek, a barge through a crowded port, a speedboat racing through a competition, or a sailboat on the open sea in search of new lands?

I want to invite you to sail the wide open, undiscovered sea. 

Awaiting you are lands of possibility, freedom and potential beyond your wildest imaginings.

But, you must leave port.

You cannot stay cozy to the world as it is, to the familiar forms and rituals of a people enslaved to hierarchies, best practices, and ‘common sense’.  What is, has been good enough until now, but new lands are beckoning!  Do not stall out in the land of cosmetic touch-ups, acquisition of things, Netflix, business hustle, busy calendars, recycled holiday traditions, and stressed out relationships.

What is touted as security is actually chains.  Degrees, diplomas, status, income, institutional dependance, and status quo applause are the golden handcuffs that are blocking you from the innovations and inventions that are waiting on the other side of fear, discomfort, and impossibility.

You must gaze out to the horizon and know that there is more for you.

A safe life is not for you.  

You can live radically, wildly free and at the same time engaged and content in your moments.  The difference is that a safe life requires no imagination, holds no tension, requires no courage: delivers no growth.

You were made for courage.  The path of risk is the doorway to your freedom and your joy.  

Stop looking to the side, stop looking behind; simply nurture the knowing that a promised land is yours for the taking.  

Do you think you are here to breathe, get by, make it to the weekend, drift under the radar and pass some cosmic test?  Wake up to your bold and delicious life!  Cast off all that would tame your courage and find a tomorrow filled with new life! 

Everything has not already been done, discovered, invented, and innovated.  That’s why you are here, to change the game and rewrite the charts.

Just do it; just be all in.

The future is waiting with baited breath for you!!

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