Much of my time, lately, has been spent gazing at these children of my heart: I look into their eyes, I watch them interact with the world, I study their movements and expressions, I wonder at who they are and who they will be.

I am amazed at the intricateness, the detail, the holy overflow of beauty that is present in each one.  The eyes, the teeth, the skin, the animated life force of every child nearly overwhelms me, as I consider the Artist’s hand that wove them – every detail intentional and perfect.

And this is home: a sanctuary of heavenly beauty where my heart rests in the glow of these mighty ones who call me “Mother”.

The Poetry of Birth

The night of Love
I press into the Holy hand of God
And feel the bliss of turbulent pressure
Dawn a baby from my womb.

Candle light, shadows,
My husband and I,

The air thick and still,
With expectation.

My breath quivers the night.

He speaks simple words of goodness over me
As his hands unwind
The child of our love
From the tangled cord
Of our oneness.

Life emerges.

We breathe together, as if for the first time.
We are born again.

I am new. He is new.
Our family is something more again.

This life that enters Eternity through me
Awakens a new awareness
Of all that is good and real and Divine.

We taste the glory of God:
Sweet fire, ecstatic Presence
In the midst of nakedness
And raw exposure.

A blanket of peace
Envelopes the night,
The poetry of our love
Cries for the first time,
“I am here!”
And God within him
Greets the world
Ready to reveal
His newness, again.


Love Letter

We had a very special package arrive on Valentine’s Day.
At 11:55 p.m. on February 14, a perfect little boy was born into his Daddy’s hands, at home.  Wonderful delivery, everyone healthy.
His name is Keats Freeman Loveday.  
“Keats” is not just in reference to the English Romantic poet (who wrote on love, nature and beauty), but the name itself means “Shepherd”; this precious little boy is a gift from our Good Shepherd.  We know our son is born a “free man” in the love of God, and will grow to shepherd others into that awareness throughout his life.
This little child is a love letter from God, straight into the heart of our home.  We are so thrilled to watch the poem of his life unfold.  More and more, Ben and I see that it is the gift of marriage to simply observe and delight in the goodness of God together.  We observe this new life and feel like the riches of heaven have been poured out on us; thankful is too small a word.
He weighed in at 9 lbs. 6 oz. Lots of chub in those cheeks!
We are so in love!  Thanks for celebrating with us.  We can’t wait to introduce you!
Sunny, first on the scene, of course!
His first Birthday cake!


There is something about womanhood that has been so tamed, restricted to debates about roles, work, and tips on how to deal with the pressures of life. Woman-hearts have been scattered into boxes of emotional and mental survival tactics, guilt-handling, pressure management, hurdle jumping, relationship negotiation, doing more, and striving for goodness in a land of confusion.

There is more.

There is a radical womanliness that flows with an awareness of a reality that glows with the Divine pulse of our Creator. It’s aroma is freedom, and it’s expression is the presence of a rested, trusting Love, absent of fear.

We lift our eyes off of the grids and patterns of the world, and no longer orient our hearts, our vision, our dreams, or plans to the illusions presented there.

Our eyes remain on the power and presence of God alone.

As we secure the eyes of our heart on the True Reality of God’s power and goodness, we begin to live from a place of security, love and peace. When we enter this rest, we begin to explore the expansiveness of who we are: those who bear the DNA of a mighty, unfathomable, remarkable God.

“How can an infinite power, a creative Intelligence, have an image and a likeness? How can an invisible nonquantifiable force be imaged and reflected and manifested through individuals?” -Thomas Hora

Imagine! In some supernatural, indescribable way, the Creator has funnelled His formless magnificence into this form we call our body.

Yet, we often choose to live constrained to the laws of this world; the mini-mindsets, the unceasing waves of thought that endorse division, judgement, lifestyle burden, duality, the agreement with pain and fear… the very places where Jesus broke through the mesmerism with True Reality.

When we become aware of the illumined nature of our source, we begin to see that we too, are blessed. We are no longer a list of symptoms, a catalogue of interests or giftings, a bundle of earth-bound contradictions, or an assortment of various limitations.

We are glorious.

We are vessels of vitality, we are co-participators in the bliss-life of God. We have these bodies to act as channels between heavenly dimensions and this earth-space. As women, we seed life in our wombs, we take on the grand invitation to create, we engage the journey with ecstasy and delight, because we are so much more than the limited laws, promises and lies of this reality.  

This is the faith life.

It takes a walking away; a transformation, and a willingness to disempower the systems of this world in our minds before we can ‘see’ the upside-down glory of spiritual freedom that is ours.  All that needs to happen is for it to be realized.  Not made, not willed, not strived for, but simply realized.  

Then, you will find out the woman that you are.  {This is the woman that religion, a law-bound life of obligation, a sin-awareness, and a focus on ‘best practices’ has been hiding from you.}

You will dive deep into the expressions and beauty of your true nature, disregarding what ‘appears as true’ for that which is eternal and real.  And you will begin to radiate with courage and boldness and beauty, as you risk leaving the tameness of this world for the wild glory of life with an infinite God who made you better than this temporal illusion ever wants you to realize.

The nature of this world is to protect and endorse it’s hypnotism at all costs, through limitation, burdens, judgement and fear.

Yet, when we begin to live from freedom, it threatens the security of the grid of this world… creating cracks for the light to shine through.

We are the light of the world, simply be the instrument for the light to get  through!

Free to Grow

We will be postponing the “Free to Grow” unschooling conference that was scheduled for May 5, 2018. No future date has yet been determined. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused. We look forward to connecting with you in the future!



Does your soul ever snag on the badgering thought that maybe there’s more?

Even in the midst of the whirlwind of a good life, great friendships, meaningful spirituality, and purposeful momentum, you collide in your deepest, most honest moments with a restless shadow that will not let you be?

{And, I’m not talking about a demon.}

I’m suggesting an honest, genuine soul-wrestle that remains unsatisfied by the incongruity of this current reality and the ache in your heart for heaven, for a place of pure rest, and real peace, that you know in your gut shouldn’t just be for when you die?

The mental plane can get so cluttered with the useless repetition of old narratives, replaying of conversations gone wrong, and scattered strategies to set things right. We allow our minds to drag our thought life through the mud of perpetual inner conflict and fear, in an effort to iron out this pesky soul-feeling, somehow assuming that this will release us into the joy we crave.

We can apply our will, too, to this exercise in attempting greater relief – by trying something new, or doing more stuff, or following these ‘three easy steps’, or getting deeper into a religious practice, or colour-coding our sock drawer.

But these things rarely draw us into the restful soul-space that feeds the life of faith and the reality of deep hope that is our true and genuine inheritance.

“Ask yourself: How many times a day, normally, does my thought even touch upon such words/ideas as ‘loveliness, beauty, ecstasy, joy,’ the ‘extravagant importance’ of ‘every living thing’ and so on? Most of us, I think would find that such qualities, values, and images rarely register in the midst of the repetitive thought and fantasy patterns with which our minds are normally filled.

Consciousness is where God is; God’s kingdom is a consciousness kingdom. Allowing our thinking to be fogged up with images from the ‘sea of mental garbage’ makes no sense. A devoted Christian friend recently confessed her anger at the fact that God reveals Himself so rarely, when our need for His revelations is so great. But God’s revelation is continuous. What is rare is an ability and willingness to look beyond the captivating, self-centred dramas of personal sense. We must honour quality Life or we will not see it. We honour it by loving to to notice the good that is already in our experience and by longing to see more evidence of its presence.” – Ann Tremaine Linthorst

A piece of the path to the freedom we crave is through cultivating our awareness.  It is establishing what is good and pure and beautiful in our hearts and in our minds, and engaging an entire transformation of where we lend our mental energies.

Noticing beauty, becoming aware of the pulse of the Divine heart of God within the life of every person, seeing the finger of God in all of creation… this begins to crack open the door to that place that we hunger for, that place we know is possible.