White Space

After the bulge and clutter, abundance and fullness of the past month, I somewhat naturally crave and anticipate a season of clarity, lightness, and new directions.

The dream machine of my heart is running overtime, as I imagine all the things I’d like to try, and design, pull together, and create.  As I ease more into myself, I see the arts returning to the forefront of my focus in this new season.

For a decade, my heart has been dialled into “community efforts”: collecting, gathering, and connecting hearts and people. For the long season past I have spent much personal time studying, planning/strategizing family/community life, organizing connective events and forums, and seeking connection on the rugged trail that winds ahead of us.

I am sensing a strong current of change though, to move inward for a time, to settle into the rhythms of the robust little village that lives under my own roof, and once again get my hands dirty in the act of creating.

Making, building, writing, painting… if for no other reason than to delight in the process of being alive, of being inspired by the Divine muse, and engaging in the gritty process of art.

I am excited and energized to squirrel out a space of creative passion, and lay down for a time the drivenness of big plans and organizing strategies that have been such a part of the fabric of my days. Now, I enter more devotedly into the quiet spaces of inspired silence, eager obscurity, creative dreams, and paint-splattered jogging pants.

As a mother, accomplishing even the smallest personal projects is a challenge, so honestly, I don’t know where or how to birth my dreams of novels, plays, paintings, music, and dance.  But, I do believe that in beginning, where I am, even these humble attempts may produce personal, satisfying tastes of life-art that quench my ingrained purpose to ‘steward the garden’, and may even possibly bleed into a connective circle of like-hearted others. This time, however, I am waiting to see how the process manifests organically, without the micro-managing of my personal strategies; I’m ready to wait on the Spirit to guide and blossom the fruit.

I’m just ready to lay down big plans, in favour of living present in the moment; enjoying getting messy in the spaces I can steal away from washing the dishes and changing diapers. Life, here, now, is vibrant with art and inspiration and joy comes in finding ways to translate it into new forms that bring joy and colour to the world.

To follow my art process check out my Instagram: @rugged_wonder

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